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White Paper Released on Carrier Data Storage Power Index to Shape Future Data Infrastructure

[Shenzhen, China, July 18, 2022] An International Data Corporation (IDC) white paper, Telco Operator Data Storage Power Index, sponsored by Huawei, was released during Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week.

This white paper is the first in the industry to systematically expand operator data storage research in multiple areas. It offers five basic metrics for measuring data storage capabilities, along with a three-tier rating system for measuring those metrics. The document also identifies four future trends in the target architecture for storing operator data. The document is intended as a guide and reference for the development of operators’ digital infrastructure in the era of the digital economy.

Dr. Peter Zhou, Vice President of Huawei and President of Huawei Data Storage Product Line, believes that operators are concerned with maximizing the value of data and measuring the efficiency of storage, management and storage. use of data within the data infrastructure. Dr. Zhou pointed out that Huawei has invested heavily in data storage for more than a decade, and the company’s data storage products have served more than 400 carriers in more than 150 countries and regions around the world. The Telecom Operator Data Storage Power Index The white paper is the result of close collaboration between Huawei and IDC, made possible through extensive communication with industry experts, customers and partners. The document aims to establish a data storage power rating system, allowing operators to comprehensively assess their data infrastructure and ensure that it becomes stable, reliable and efficient.

Dr. Peter Zhou giving a speech

Thomas Zhou, vice president of IDC China, noted that 95% of operators urgently need to optimize their IT infrastructure. He added that the digital economy will logically drive future digital infrastructure, and storage power is a pillar of that infrastructure. Zhou went on to explain that this white paper focuses on five core capacity indicators for carrier data infrastructure storage power: security and resilience, real-time agility, energy efficiency, intelligent management, and data innovation. . Further, the document establishes a three-layer rating system for measuring these capabilities, consisting of the carrier region layer, the data center layer, and the storage device layer. The paper thus identifies four trends in the target architecture for carrier data storage: core services on flash storage, massively distributed data, intelligent operations and maintenance, and storage as a service.

Through studying and evaluating baseline capacity indicators for operator data storage capacity, and identifying future trends in operator data management, the Telecom Operator Data Storage Power Index The white paper will help operators build better data infrastructure to achieve digital transformation and new growth.

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