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Unveiling of the Marantz CD 60 compact disc player: Munich high-end 2022

CD sales increased for the first time in 17 years in 2021, up 21% to $584 million. Although it will still take about a year to establish a real upward trend, the thing is, listening to music on physical media isn’t dead, and vinyl records (and even audio cassettes) might not be your only choice in this area. The ability to own music on a physical medium is important!

With this in mind, Marantz introduced the CD 60 High Performance CD Player to Munich Premium Fair 2022.

What the CD 60 offers

For starters, the Marantz CD 60 features an industrial design and rugged construction that not only looks good but contributes to stable performance without unnecessary vibration.

The design also serves to visually complement other Marantz Hi-Fi components such as the previously announced Model 40n Integrated Stereo Streaming Amplifier. Together they make a great combination for fans of music listening, especially those who haven’t given up on their CD collections and also provide access to streaming sources.

Marantz CD60 CD Player with Integrated Amplifier Model 40 Silver Front
Marantz CD 60 (top) with Model 40n integrated amplifier (bottom)

Marantz participated in the development of the CD format with its first player, the CD 63. Today, the CD 60 has benefited from the legacy of engineering and refinement that includes the latest HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules) used in the analog output stage. The new HDAMs offer superior response compared to standard solutions found in other branded products.

These modules have been further optimized for the CD 60 offering significantly less distortion at high frequencies than the previous generation model.

Marantz CD60 Silver Top Open CD Player

CD 60 also includes the exclusive Marantz HDAM-SA2 high performance Headphone amplifier circuitry with three gain settings (Low/Mid/High) for a perfect match with almost any helmet. The headphone amplifier can also be turned off when not in use, eliminating any unwanted interference.

CD playback compatibility includes CD/CD-R/CD-RW discs. CDs containing MP3 and WMA files are also playable. HDCD discs are playable, but 4-bit extension access is not provided. SACD playback capability is not included (according to specifications provided by Marantz).

Point: More details on HDCDs and SACDs.

Marantz CD60 CD Player Black Right Angle

In addition to CD playback, the CD 60 provides a convenient front panel USB-A port that supports digital file playback for MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV, FLAC HD, ALAC, AIFF (up to 192 kHz/24 bit) and DSD (up to 5.6 MHz). All are accessible via a pluggable USB drive.

For better music playback support, the CD 60 includes an updated reference 24-bit D/A converter that also provides two filter options.

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  • Filter 1 provides a smooth ride.
  • Filter 2 provides a sharper roll-off for more accurate imaging.
Marantz CD60 Angled CD Player Black
Marantz CD60 CD Player Black Rear

Connectivity includes both analog RCA and Digital Optical/Coaxial audio outputs, as well as wired remote connections for integration with other components or systems.

The CD 60 also comes with a wireless remote in addition to the onboard controls.

Remote control for Marantz CD60 CD player

Price and availability

the Marantz CD 60 will be available in black or silver with an MSRP of $999 at authorized Marantz retailers and online at from June 2022.

the 40n model The Integrated Streaming Amplifier is priced at $2,499.00 and is available (also in black or silver) now at, Amazonand best buy.