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Tsecond revolutionizes data storage with BRYCK 2.0, carries 8 petabytes of data in its palm

BANGALORE, India, October 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tseconda technology developer who is reinventing the way businesses and organizations activate big data, today launched the BRICK® 2.0 platform, enhancing the storage and security capabilities of its revolutionary portable, compact and rugged petabyte-ready data storage solution – BRYCK®. It is designed to capture, process, move and store data from all types of mobile and traditional devices, data centers and harsh operating environments. The BRYCK® 2.0 platform offers up to 8 times greater data storage capacity without changing the form factor (4″x4″x9.5″) and improves data security to protect data against related threats mismanagement of keys.

Data generation has grown exponentially on EDGEs, which have stringent operating conditions such as space constraints, limited power, harsh environments, low weight tolerance and high vibration. Capturing such large amounts of data and accessing it at high speed is a daunting challenge.

With the BRYCK® Platform 2.0 customers can capture, store and access large amounts of data efficiently and cost-effectively. The brick® can be deployed in industries such as aerospace, defense, autonomous vehicles, marine, manufacturing, film production and cloud migration. It can capture and process petabytes of data to quickly generate deep insights into their use cases.

The brick® The 2.0 platform offers the following new features:

Ability to capture and process multi-petabytes from any type of edge:
It expands storage up to 8 times the raw capacity of the BRYCK® thanks to an advanced data deduplication algorithm. It brings efficiency through a significant reduction in administrative efforts, energy costs, network costs and costs associated with multiple physical trips.

Consolidates data center storage for optimal TCO:
By enabling massive storage capacity of up to 16PB in a 4U space, the BRYCK® Platform 2.0 consolidates workload on fewer systems, reduces data center real estate footprint, lowers power consumption and lowers cooling costs, paving the way for sustainable and energy-efficient data centers energy.

Highly secure data capture and transport with automated key management:
The brick® The 2.0 platform eliminates all security vulnerabilities and costs associated with manual key management through secure, automated encryption key management with AWS Key Management Service (KMS).

Instant deletion and access to big data via hot-pluggable BRYCKs:
The brick® The 2.0 platform enables instant removal of big data from edge systems. He does the BRYCK® a powerful tool for critical and sensitive use cases such as collecting crucial data from a military tank when the mission is interrupted. Additionally, it enables instant access to data transported in live systems by eliminating server and application restarts.

Sahil ChawlaCo-founder and CEO, Tsecond said, “Data has become the driving force of organizations and needs to be enabled with better access, better storage capacity and better movement for faster decision-making. BRYCK’s new avatar will allow users to make a optimal use of their data through expanded storage, better security and plug and play features.At Tsecond, we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of technological reach to enable faster, faster and more accurate decision making.

Manavalan KrishnanCo-founder and CTO, Tsecond commented, “With an advanced variable block data deduplication algorithm, the BRYCK 2.0 platform eliminates duplication in various types of datasets and thus enables customers to capture and transport multiple petabytes of data from from various sources such as virtual environments, databases, streaming from edges to cloud/datacenters.”

The BRYCK® 2.0 platform makes BRYCK® one of the most efficient storage solutions capable of handling multiple petabytes of data. It comes with a myriad of benefits, providing an unparalleled experience to consumers. It is compatible with all IT environments and easy to access, deploy and transfer. It features a user-friendly dashboard allowing users to monitor performance and usage, standard interfaces ensure simple operation, and its rugged exterior allows for reuse over and over again.

About Tsecond

Founded in 2020, Tsecond is an AEI HorizonX portfolio company working to accelerate the value of the global datasphere by addressing the complexities of big data generation. Tsecond solutions focus on the speed, efficiency and security of data collection, allowing Big Data to be processed, analyzed and processed faster than ever before. Based at San Jose, California, Tsecond is funded by AEI HorizonX, TSECINV Group, Dhanani Private Equity Group, KK&N Investors. Mr. Nadeem RajaniMr. Jagdish Amineand M. Balasubramanian Iyer are the famous angel investors who believed in the company’s vision. Mr. Jay ChopdeMr. Vince PizzicaMr. Rajesh MehtaMr. Jay Shankar, Mr. Shrikant PathakMr. Ramesh Iyer and M. Pranav Joshi have also invested in the company.

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