Compact disc

Time really flies, the compact disc is now 40 years old | KOOL 108

The compact disc celebrates its 40th birthday today. The first CDs came out in 1982, they cost over $20 each and CD players cost over $1,000. The “first” CD release was Billy Joel’s “52nd Street”.

To celebrate, here Here are some facts about CDs:

1. The very first CD was produced in a German factory in August 1982. It is not known what it was so technically it is possible that it was an early recording by David Hasselhoff, but probably not .

2. The “first” CD to be released commercially was released in Japan in October of the same year 1982. It was “52nd Street” by Billy Joel, which was not a new release. It was originally released on vinyl in 1978.

3. It seems random to suddenly sell “52nd Street” on a shiny record, no matter how much you like “Zanzibar”, but it really wasn’t. There were 50 albums released on CD at a time. . . “52nd Street” just gets the special accolade because it had the first catalog number.

4. The first commercial CD player was the Sony CDP-101. In 1982, it cost around $1,000, although some luxury players shelled out over $1,500. In the mid-1980s, the average player sold for between $300 and $600.

5. Early CDs cost over $20 each. By the mid-1980s, they settled into the $11-$15 range. Although that was about $30 in today’s money.