Compact disc

The driver was handling a compact disc

Motorcyclist Harold H. Eulert, 85, died after an accident on September 12

A driver told police he looked down while trying to insert a new compact disc into a CD player on September 12 before hitting a deceased motorcyclist later that day, according to an accident report.

The report quotes John M. Roberts, 48, of Topeka as saying he looked up, saw the motorcycle being driven by Topekan Harold H. Eulert, 85, and braked hard but hit the motorcycle, which then hit the back of a pickup truck driven by 44-year-old Christopher M. Campbell.

The Topeka Capital-Journal on Thursday paid the Topeka Police Department $5 to obtain a copy of the crash report, which said the crash happened at 3:36 p.m. near the north end of the bridge at about two-tenths of a mile south of NW Gordon.

The report said Roberts was driving a 1989 Chevrolet pickup truck, Eulert was driving a 2003 Kawasaki motorcycle, and Campbell was driving a 2008 GMC pickup truck. None had passengers.

Police Lt. Jana Harden said Sept. 12 the Chevrolet truck was heading south in the outside traffic lane when it hit the motorcycle and pushed it into the back of the other pickup, which was slowing down or had stopped. Harden said southbound traffic on the bridge is slowing to a stop because of the red light at SW 1st and Topeka Boulevard.

Eulert was taken to hospital, where Harden said he was pronounced dead about two hours later.

Roberts and Campbell were uninjured. The accident report indicates that both were wearing seat belts. This indicated that Eulert was wearing a helmet.

The report said Roberts showed no evidence of impairment, but was tested for drugs and alcohol, with results still pending.

The accident remains under investigation.