Optical disc

Sony Optical Disc Archive generation 3

Sony announced the release of Optical Disc Archive Generation 3, the latest version of the high capacity archive drive including USB desktop drives (ODS-D380U), Fiber Channel library drives (ODS-D380F) and media cartridges (ODC5500R) developed for secure, long-term corporate data storage.

Each cartridge is comprised of 11 “Archive Disc” discs, co-developed with Panasonic, offering 500GB of storage per disc for a total capacity of 5.5TB, an increase of over sixty percent from Gen2.

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To put the 5.5TB figure into perspective, you can store 170 hours of MPEG2 HD 422 50 Mbps material or 49 hours of second XAVC-L422 UHD 200 Mbps material on a single disc.

Allegedly to last 100 years

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With an estimated lifespan of over 100 years, Optical Disc Archive Gen3 is an ideal solution for long-term, durable and reliable storage. Now, it’s hard to say if your optical disc will still be readable in 10 years, let alone 100 years. As technology evolves so rapidly, other archiving systems will emerge in the future which will be fast and offer much greater capacity.

Fast read and write speeds

The new Gen3 enterprise-class 8-channel optical drive reads and writes both sides of double-sided media to enable secure, high-speed data transfer of 375MB / s read and 187.5MB / s write, 1.5 times greater than that of Gen2. Data integrity is ensured using “on-the-fly” verification combined with highly stable storage media. The included fixity check function provides long-term verifiable data integrity.

The next-generation media is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity and is more resistant to external factors including water, light and EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) events. Optical Disc Archive Gen3 can also reduce long-term expense due to its low energy consumption that is environmentally friendly. In addition, its reliability, feature set, and backward compatibility eliminate the need for data migration between generations of media. It is ideal for meeting the growing industry demand for long term archive cold storage.

Sony is currently developing an enterprise-class library solution with Qualstar Corporation (NASDAQ: QBAK) using Gen3 technology. The high-capacity solution will scale from 4.7PB to 50PB per single library and can scale to multi-library cluster configurations capable of handling hundreds of petabytes of archive data. The new PetaSite EX solution will be on display at Sony booth 795 at SC19 in Denver, CO, starting November 17, 2019.

ODS-D380U, ODS-D380F, ODC5500R are expected to be available in January 2020. For medium-sized archiving solutions, Sony’s existing Optical Disc Archive PetaSite ODS-L30M library with increased capacity up to almost 3 Po by Library System is expected to be ready for Gen3 in January 2020.