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Seagate powers converged storage platform with new Exos AP enterprise data storage system controller powered by AMD EPYC processors

AMD EPYC processor-based controller delivers exceptional compute and storage performance in an ultra-compact, dense system that meets the demands of today’s businesses

Managing large datasets is overly complex and expensive. Today, Seagate Technology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX), a global leader in mass data storage infrastructure solutions, announced the new Exos® Application Platform (AP) with a new controller with 2sd Generation AMD EPYC ™ processors. The efficient, scalable and affordable end-to-end solution computing and storage platform offers integrated compute and storage in a single enclosure optimizing rack space utilization, energy efficiency, heat dissipation and storage density.

The need for advanced storage solutions continues to increase to unprecedented levels with the ever increasing growth in data generation. According to a report commissioned by Seagate and produced by research firm IDC, Rethinking data, enterprise data is expected to grow at an average rate of 42.2% over the next two years. The survey, which was conducted by IDC, also found that only 32% of the data available to businesses is mined. The remaining 68% are without leverage.

“Data is often ignored because the cost of retaining it is immediate, despite the potential significant future gains,” said Ken Claffey, senior vice president of systems at Seagate. “The new Exos Access Point with AMD EPYC processors can help IT professionals implement a cost-effective data management strategy that intelligently captures, stores, and analyzes data today and leverages it into the future.” to succeed. ”

Exos AP options with the all new AP-BV-1 controller deliver exceptional compute and storage performance in a single chassis. With two controllers based on an AMD EPYC processor, the system offers high availability or controller partitioning, with the flexibility of a common controller slot allowing connection to additional EXOS E SAS expansion units in matching chassis. The architecture is perfectly balanced for current and future processors and disk capacities.

“We are delighted that Seagate has chosen AMD EPYC processors to power the new Exos AP solution,” said Rajneesh Gaur, corporate vice president and general manager, Embedded Business Unit, AMD. “The combination of the high performance and formidable I / O connectivity capabilities of processors and Seagate’s industry-leading mass data expertise creates a solution that provides flexibility and performance while supporting businesses. customers to improve their total cost of ownership. ”

AMD EPYC processors offer a combination of features to help meet the need for advanced storage solutions. In the Exos AP Enterprise Data Storage System Controller, AMD EPYC processors offer 8, 12 or 16 core count for different performance levels. The processors also provide the solution with dedicated PCIe® 4 lanes that provide 200GbE network connectivity and high bandwidth to the SAS controller for faster hard drive and SSD response. Finally, the Exos AP system supports 25GbE on the motherboard providing basic I / O, which is often an additional cost on other competing platforms.

Exos AP options with the new AP-BV-1 controller are available this month. For more details, please visit Seagate’s Compute and Storage Convergence Platforms page.

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