Data storage

Seagate and Ball Aerospace Collaborate to Pilot In-Space Data Storage Technology; CEO Mike Moritzkat quoted

Ball Aeronautics and Seagate Technology Holdings announced Wednesday that the companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the development of data processing techniques and storage technology capabilities in space.

“Space is undergoing a significant change, made possible by falling launch costs and an increasing number of satellites,” said Mike MoritzkatCEO of Seagate Government Solutions.

“We are confident that building space infrastructure in low Earth orbit will benefit from very efficient storage,” Moritzkat added. “Our collaboration with Ball Aerospace combines the expertise of industry leaders to satisfy the growing need for space storage.

World technology leader for more than 40 years, Seagate has delivered over three billion terabytes of data capacity. The company has also leveraged its engineering excellence and strong technology portfolio. Seagate is still working on an aerospace storage concept.

Additionally, the collaboration has planned lab and in-orbit demonstrations to test the concept, which includes technology developed by Seagate to support space memory testing on a Ball-built payload.

Ed Gagevice president of Seagate Research, also spoke of his enthusiasm to test the storage concept and capabilities of satellites in low Earth orbit alongside Aeronautical Balloon. He explained that space is the next frontier for data growth and enables high-capacity, low-cost secure storage devices to meet the latest challenges of data processing in space.

Seagate is shaping the data sphere, helping to maximize humanity’s potential by innovating precision, world-class mass data storage and management solutions with a focus on lasting partnerships.