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Qualstar to design and manufacture enterprise-class optical disc library for Sony

SIMI VALLEY, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Qualstar Corporation (NASDAQ: QBAK), a leading designer and manufacturer of robotic data storage devices and high efficiency power supplies, has been selected by Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. to design and manufacture a library highly scalable enterprise-class optical discs.

“With over 34 years of expertise, Qualstar was uniquely positioned to provide the knowledge and expertise to design the enterprise-class optical disk-based storage device,” said Steven N. Bronson, CEO of Qualstar. “The demand for high capacity data storage devices is accelerating rapidly and the Optical Disc Archive system will provide one of the optimal choices. ”

The Optical Disc Archive is a reliable, high-capacity media storage platform that acts as an on-site backup as well as an asset management solution. Widely used by broadcasters, sports organizations and production companies, this solution is also gaining ground in other industries such as educational institutions, data centers, financial organizations and the compliance industry due to reliability, scalability and environmentally friendly features. The second generation Optical Disc Archive system adopts optical media jointly developed by Sony and Panasonic. With a lifespan of 100 years, the second generation Optical Disc Archive media doubles the capacity of a single cartridge to 3.3TB.

“The data explosion caused by rich media content, the Internet of Things, big data analytics and other video-centric industries has created the need for high-capacity, reliable, WORM-compliant storage.” said Arun Vaishampayan, vice president of global sales, Qualstar. “The Optical Disc Archive-based storage platform meets the needs of these markets. ”

The Optical Disc Archive system builds on the technologies and reliability of optical discs originally developed for commercial broadcast equipment. It also manages to control total archiving costs and has a very low environmental footprint.

“We are delighted to partner with Qualstar to design the next generation data storage solution,” said Mikio Kita, Senior General Manager, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. “We believe the jointly developed product will certainly benefit our customers. valued customers and will open up new markets. for optical devices.

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