Optical disc

Pioneer just made a new PC optical disc drive and yes, it’s 2022

I haven’t bought an optical disc drive (ODD) for my PC in…in fact, I can’t even remember the last time I bought one. It’s even been a minute since I’ve owned a PC with a 5.25-inch drive bay to stick one on. Pioneer, like the honey badger, doesn’t give two flips and released a new 5.25-inch optical disc drive anyway. You wonder why ?

Physical media are not quite dead, whether CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discsthat Pioneer’s new BDR-213JBK can read and write (by the way, the last ODD I mentioned was another Pioneer model released in 2017). And when it comes to recordable Blu-ray discs, the new drive delivers 16x high-speed recording performance on single-layer (25GB) BD-R discs. It can also record to 2-layer BD-R (50GB) at 14x speed, 3-layer BD-R XL (100GB) at 8x speed, and 4-layer BD-R XL (128GB) at 8x speed. 6x.

Thinking of burning DVDs or CDs? It can write to single layer DVD-R (4.7 GB) at 16x speed and to CDs at up to 48x speed. Regardless of media type, Pioneer offers a “Disc Resonance Stabilizer” to reduce bending errors at the edge of the disc, which tends to occur during faster spins.

“By attaching a protrusion to the position where the disc bends due to resonance, the gap through which the wind that occurs when the disc spins is narrowed, and the wind suppresses disc deflection, reducing errors. The ‘Disk Resonance Stabilizer’ achieves stable writing and reading with high precision in the three resonance patterns generated during drive operation,” Pioneer explains (via Google Translation).

Pioneer is also talking about a feature called Pure Read 3, which it says can help the player overcome scratches and dust on audio CDs to keep music playing. And aesthetically, Pioneer points to a “textured hairline finish,” which when you age like an ODD, it’s nice to still have any type of hairline.

Will it find buyers, though? And certainly. Just look at the latest generation game consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X), both of which use a Blu-ray drive (unlike the PS5 Digital and Xbox Series S). If it’s good enough for consoles, it’s good enough for PCs, right?
Pioneer thinks so, and says the rise of working from home has created an increased need to store large amounts of data. As such, “demand for optical discs and optical drives is expected to grow,” the company says. We’ll see.
the BDR-213JBK The Blu-ray burner is available in Japan for what converts to around $150 in US currency.