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Personal data storage practices reveal low risk awareness: survey

The results show that 11% of ATMs, bank passwords in the phone contact list that mobile applications can access.

About a third of Indians store sensitive personal information such as online bank account passwords, credit or debit card PIN numbers and Aadhaar, PAN details on their digital devices, including computers, according to the Americans. survey results, 11% recording this confidential data. on telephone contact lists, making themselves considerably more vulnerable to cybercriminals.

In total, more than 24,000 respondents in 393 districts shared information about their personal password storage practices in a survey conducted by LocalCircles to assess consumer awareness of cybersecurity risks.

The survey found that while 21% of those surveyed said they memorized all relevant personal financial information that needed to be secured and 39% said they kept it on paper, 7% said they had no opinion on the matter. The remaining 33% of those polled said they store their credentials digitally, especially on cellphones, computers and in emails.

The 11% who said they recorded such information on their cell phone contact list are particularly vulnerable, according to the survey platform.

“It is a very dangerous way to store such credentials, as most online applications today ask for permission to access their contacts and text messages,” LocalCircles said in a statement. “While some apps have high security levels and are trustworthy, the same cannot be said for the majority of other apps available on app stores. Indian cybersecurity researchers recently identified 167 counterfeit apps used by hackers to steal money from people, ”he added.

The survey also found that 29% of those polled said they shared their PIN or debit card details with close family members, with 4% sharing the information with their home and office staff. .

The majority, 65%, of those polled said that no one other than themselves had access to their ATM or debit card details.

“There is an urgent need for the RBI and the banks to make a concerted effort towards digital financial literacy,” said LocalCircles. Citizens of the LocalCircles platform also suggested that from time to time the government through the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and MEITY, as well as RBI, should organize awareness programs on how to secure data. personal and dos and don’ts, ”he added.