Data storage

Huawei Storage Unveils Four Innovation Directions to Lead the Data Storage Industry

[Shenzhen, China, April 27, 2022] At Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2022, Huawei Storage announces its four innovation directions for data storage to create efficient, reliable and trustworthy data services. These are all-scenario flash innovations, emerging services, data center-oriented product portfolios and low-carbon green data storage, helping enterprises meet the challenges of massive data growth and diverse applications.

All-Scenario Flash Innovation

To meet the needs of various enterprise applications and workloads, Huawei continuously improves the all-scenario flash product series, covering OceanStor Dorado All-Flash storage that integrates SAN and NAS, next-generation OceanStor hybrid flash storage, OceanProtect’s flash-ready backup storage and the industry’s only comprehensive ransomware protection solution that supports the primary storage + backup combo.

Storage innovation driven by emerging services

For emerging application scenarios, such as containers, distributed databases, and cloud-based applications, Huawei innovatively optimizes OceanStor Dorado All-Flash storage to create an efficient database. Specifically, it facilitates containerized application data protection and efficient resource management, unified management of cloud-based storage resources, and improved database performance and reliability.

Data Center (DC) Oriented Product Portfolio Innovation

Huawei is building an efficient and reliable cross-DC storage network with a high-end product portfolio that combines all-flash storage, networking, and optical links. This solution uses optical networks to detect link faults and implements fiber path failover within 5 ms; fiber jitter is detected in real time and proactively notified to storage devices; I/O channels are switched within 1 second, ensuring no data loss and realizing a DC Disaster Recovery (DR) solution with stable latency; and for EB-tier data archiving workloads, the geo-redundant multi-active DR solution supports persistent data storage across all sites and provides fast access to local and cross-region data anytime, anywhere place.

Green and low-carbon storage innovation

By tracking the carbon footprint of the entire product lifecycle, Huawei Storage increases hardware density through high-density design, reduces duplicate data through efficient data reduction, and performs convergence to improve the use of storage resources. These features combine to dramatically reduce storage power consumption per unit of data, powering a new range of green, low-carbon data centers.

Huawei Storage is at the forefront of technologies to achieve breakthroughs that contribute to the evolution of data infrastructure. With 18,000 customers worldwide, it is committed to helping more businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey.