Data storage

Huawei offers a new concept of data storage

[Munich, Germany, May 12, 2022] At the 2022 Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum, Huawei proposed an innovative new storage concept of “building a reliable and data-centric storage foundation for various applications”. In order to continuously develop high-reliability and performance core storage technologies, the company announced that it will prioritize the development of decoupled storage and compute architectures and various data application acceleration engines. These solutions will be ideal to help companies accelerate digital transformation and cope with various data applications.

Speech by Dr. Peter Zhou, Vice President of Huawei and President of Huawei IT Product Line

As data volumes continue to grow exponentially, storage technologies struggle to keep up. The storage industry faces four main challenges. First, there are insufficient workload solutions for emerging applications, such as distributed databases, big data, AI, and high-performance data analytics (HPDA) applications. Second, accelerating data services will require faster, real-time data analysis and processing to improve production efficiency and user experience. Third, stricter data protection standards will be needed to mitigate increasingly frequent data attacks that could lead to huge economic losses. Finally, innovative green solutions will be needed in data storage to increase energy efficiency.

Dr. Peter Zhou, President of Huawei’s Computing Product Line, explained at the forum that Huawei already offers a full suite of upgraded competitive storage products that proactively respond to these changes, including OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage, OceanStor Pacific Distributed Storage, OceanProtect Backup Storage and FusionCube. While these offerings are suitable for many industries and businesses, advancements in three areas will be required for them to serve as a fully data-centric and reliable data storage foundation for any application.

First, they will need a decoupled storage-computing architecture. As companies continually accelerate their digital transformation, emerging data applications are gradually becoming production applications, demanding greater data reliability. Additionally, the lifecycle gap between computing and data is widening, requiring flexible and independent management and maintenance of computing and storage resources. A decoupled storage-computing architecture would make better use of elastic, reliable, and cost-effective storage to facilitate faster, more reliable, and efficient services at lower cost.

Second, there must be more data application acceleration engines in storage systems. To cope with various data applications, future-oriented storage must persistently house data while providing a way to build a data infrastructure that combines a data persistence layer with the application acceleration engine. . Emerging data applications, such as distributed databases, big data, and AI applications that produce big data, continue to grow. Thus, future storage systems should be built with metadata management and intensive data processing to form various data application acceleration engines, improving end-to-end processing efficiency up to 10 times and improving greatly improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

And finally, a green design system will be needed to fundamentally improve the product development process. Such a design would cover three aspects: green production, such as renewable materials; green products with low-carbon components, such as NAND flash memory, high-density hardware design, cutting-edge data reduction and resource pools for less occupied space and better resource efficiency; and green enablers, which are business services that optimize production operations for greater energy efficiency.

Zhou also noted that over the past three decades, data storage has evolved into the optimal foundation for high-value data in line with the development of data applications: “We are entering the yottabyte era. Data applications are growing faster than ever. The theme of this forum is Green, Acceleration and Innovation, and it is also the development direction of Huawei Storage. Together with our partners, we will provide high quality storage products and solutions to create more value for customers.