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How Seagate Boosted Aerometrex Data Storage

The aerial view

AAs a leading practitioner of aerial imagery and mapping, 3D modeling and airborne LiDAR surveys, Aerometrex has specific storage requirements. The geospatial technology company needed to consolidate and expand its storage solutions to accelerate its data processing and future-proof its data infrastructure as the business continues to grow.

Working with Seagate, the company found an ideal solution to increase storage space while reducing rack space and consolidating processing power, allowing the company to stay ahead of the game.

Their story

Power multimedia mapping

Aerometerx’s mission is to provide its customers with professional and accurate digital image mapping and geospatial engineering solutions by leveraging existing and emerging aerial and terrestrial imaging technologies. The company’s space solutions have supported many government and private sector projects such as infrastructure, engineering, construction, environmental and disaster management, transportation and logistics, energy and public services.

Aerometrex products are renowned worldwide for their very high standards of quality and production precision. Highly detailed aerial imagery requires large amounts of data that can be expensive and time consuming to store and process.

Their objective

Support for current and future data growth and throughput

Aerometrex needed better speed and more storage to optimize current business processes and support future growth. Since its IPO last year, the Aerometerx has grown exponentially, requiring a storage solution that will scale with the business, in a cost-effective way.

their problem

Keeping up with the exponential growth of data around evolving technologies and imaging solutions

Aerometrex had eight separate storage systems for different parts of the business, which were added as the business grew organically. Having enough storage was an ongoing battle for the company. For example, last year Aerometrex captured all of Greater Sydney from the air for digital mapping with the raw data alone of 300 terabytes of imagery. Or sometimes some of its systems have to write over 10 terabytes of large sequential streams in a short period each day. The raw data was then processed and each of these images was distilled into a 60 kilobyte file. The project consisted of over 200 million small files.

Aerometrex needed a solution to prepare for future storage challenges, store and process new forms of image capture, as well as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning and fuel exponential growth in data. Aerometrex also needed to be able to access its data at any time and replicate data across two sites to ensure data security.

Their solution

Partnership with Seagate

Aerometrex chose Seagate because its solution offered affordable and fast mass data capacity. Aerometrex worked with Seagate to adopt a combined storage solution – consisting of flash drives, solid-state drives and hard disk drives (HDDs) – that would consolidate its eight separate storage systems. Centralizing its storage allowed Aerometrex to perform on-the-fly backup replication, saving the company from duplicating the IT team.

The Seagate solution has dramatically improved Aerometerx image processing with its outstanding performance in terms of IOPS and sequential write throughput. For example, thanks to the speed at which storage can deliver data to a machine, a machine on top of storage now takes half a day to do what previously took eight servers a week. Seagate’s solution also allowed the company to significantly consolidate its processing power, moving its storage from dispersed workstations and RAIDs to the server room for easier management.

Aerometrex selected an option that met their specific needs with a simple license agreement and configuration that the company can expand in the future.

Their success

Improved speed and reliability

Previously, Aerometrex considered building a data center, but after consulting with Seagate, the IT team realized their current processing power was underutilized. The storage upgrade has dramatically improved processing speeds while physical rack space requirements have decreased. Aerometrex has now tripled the amount of storage, while only using a fifth of the space of its previous configuration.

Working with Seagate has reduced the time it takes for Aerometrex to process very large data sets by up to 95%. This improves the customer experience and reduces the risk of system downtime during the process. Fewer working hours also means employees can work more efficiently and with less stress. Storage has had a profound effect on a number of business metrics in addition to cost and delivery.

For example, storage has reduced error or return rates and improved system availability. Additionally, more efficient processing reduced overheating issues, the air conditioning bill went down, and no data was lost during power outages.

The data storage solution has solved problems that any company like Aerometrex in the multimedia and imaging industries may face. Additionally, it supports Aerometerx’s future growth, allowing it to work with more customers on data-intensive projects without having to keep increasing its IT staff. The business is able to scale and prepare for new forms of image capture and data analysis in a cost effective manner.


“Seagate has delivered a bespoke, high-performance big data management infrastructure that allows us to continue growing our business and lowering total cost of ownership across multiple business functions. »

Peter Montgomery – ICT Manager Aerometrex

Products used

  • Nytro 2U24 with extreme performance to shorten data download to meet limited time window.
  • Fiber Channel protocol to reduce data overhead
  • ADAPT technology enables rapid rebuilding to ensure performance during rebuilding