Compact disc

Happy 40th birthday compact disc

A stack of old music CDs displayed outside a store.

The compact disk turns 40 today. . . it was produced in a factory in Germany. Now keep in mind that the very first commercially available CD was at Billy Joel “52nd Street” and it was released in Japan in October. On the other hand, the very first music CD pressed here in America was pressed a few years later and it was by Bruce Springsteen “Born in the USA”!

If you think about it, 40 years ago that doesn’t seem that far away when we were all looking to buy a CD player so we could listen to CDs in the basement, in our bedroom, let alone in our car ! Here is another flashback… the 1987 Lincoln Town Car becoming the first vehicle to offer factory-installed CD players.

Luckily, the portable CD player came out a few years ago… the problem was being able to afford it. The world’s first portable CD player, if you remember, was called a “Disc man”which has of course been renamed “Music player” and it would cost you around $300 when introduced in November 1984.

In 1997, however, that’s when technology really hit the mark and Sony released the “no-skip” CD player and everyone had to have it! You can run, walk or even ride a bike, listen to your favorite CD without being afraid of it skipping!!!!

On the other hand, buying CDs wasn’t that cheap either…it wasn’t until the 90s that they became a bit more affordable at around $12-14 a disc! So look at your CD collection right now and do the math, you’ve no doubt invested thousands of dollars in CDs!

So today, listen to your favorite CD on your Walkman, in your car or even at home and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the amazing Compact Disc…and enjoy!

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