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FUJI launches sustainable data storage initiative

TOKYO, October 14, 2021 — FUJIFILM Corporation today announced the Sustainable Data Storage Initiative to highlight how tape technology can significantly reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions related to data storage. The initiative starts with a white paper, Accelerating the Progress of Green Data Centers with Sustainable Storage Strategiespublished by technology research firm IDC and sponsored by Fujifilm, provides an in-depth analysis of the significant energy savings and environmental benefits that result from moving more data to tape storage.

“We are proud to launch the Sustainable Data Storage initiative to help raise awareness of today’s modern data tape technology as a solution to reduce CO2 emissions from data storage operations while simultaneously reducing costs,” said Hironobu Taketomi, President of FUJIFILM Recording Media USA, Inc. smart decisions when evaluating their storage options with sustainability goals. in mind.”

As the world faces a climate crisis and the amount of stored data continues to grow unabated due to digital transformation and the development of next-generation technologies, data centers are increasingly being scrutinized for consuming data. large amounts of energy that lead to an increase in CO2emissions. The goal of the Sustainable Data Storage Initiative is to raise awareness of solutions that can reduce the environmental impact of data centers.

IDC’s white paper summarizes findings on how to improve data storage durability. Here are the main highlights of the document:

  • Reports from several large data centers have revealed that energy consumption increased by 31% between 2017 and 2020, and the amount of data stored in data centers is expected to increase by 27% each year until 2025 ( see Figure 1).
  • Relying solely on renewable energy is not enough to keep up with the rapid growth in data center energy consumption. Water, wind and solar power also have their own associated environmental impacts (i.e. disposal of wind turbines and solar panels).
  • To negate this growing problem and protect the environment from further harm, IDC believes that strategic migration of more data storage to tape can reduce CO2 emissions.2 emissions by 43.7%, or 664 million tonnes, by 2030 (see Figure 2).
  • Tape storage offers additional security benefits such as immutability, encryption capabilities, and offline “air gap” protection against cybercriminals.
  • Tape is the most cost-effective storage medium based on cost per gigabyte, requires minimal power to operate, and is reliable to store data for periods in excess of 30 years with excellent bit error rate (BER ).

In addition to implementing renewable energy and tape solutions, the white paper discusses other ways companies can reduce their impact on the environment, including investing in AI-influenced cooling control, increasing resource transparency through real-time monitoring and control and improving IT utilization rates through virtualization. and containerization technologies.

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