Compact disc

Far Cry 6 coming in October, includes deadly CD launcher that makes Macarena scream

For anyone hoping that Far Cry 6 will bring time back to the raw realism of Far Cry 2, I have bad news for you. This is not the case. Those who enjoy the wacky DIY weapons from the newer games, on the other hand, might be a little happier.

Today’s Far Cry 6 gameplay trailer revealed an October 7 release date. She also showed us several weapons you can craft, and one in particular is about as ridiculous as they come. While taking Yara’s country back from a brutal dictator, you’ll be able to kill your enemies with a compact disc launcher that launches Macarena, the 1993 Los del Rio hit dance song.

We’re already used to shooting disks at enemies in Far Cry games: New Dawn features a saw blade launcher that unfortunately didn’t cut off any limbs or head. However, it had the ability to ricochet, so that you could take out multiple enemies with the same blade. We’ll see if we can do the same with Macarena CDs.

This CD launcher is certainly the dumbest weapon we see in Far Cry 6’s new gameplay footage, but it’s not the only ridiculous contraption you’ll be able to kill people with. Other sightings include a backpack that can fire a missile exit, one that creates a ring of fire around you while lifting you a few feet off the ground (not quite a jetpack, but close), and a minigun made from a motorcycle engine.

This is all very silly, but as a member of a guerrilla team trying to overthrow a wealthy dictator, you need to make the most of the resources at your disposal. Apparently that includes a huge stack of Macarena on CD.

We’ve got a breakdown of a few other cool things we spotted in the gameplay trailer, including the ability to ride horses, command crocodiles, and hide in plain sight by sheathing your gun. Check out our preview of Far Cry 6 here.