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The DNA Data Storage Alliance, an organization formed in 2020 by Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ: ILMN), Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), Twist Bioscience Corporation (NASDAQ: TWST), and Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) to create and promote a interoperable storage ecosystem based on DNA as a data storage medium, today announced that the organization has grown to more than 50 members with the recent addition of FUJIFILM Recording Media USA, Inc. The Fujifilm group of companies leverages its deep knowledge and core technologies for areas including both biosciences and data storage, among others. The rapid expansion and interest from a range of organizations demonstrates the growing interest in storing DNA data. The Alliance now includes 11 public companies, 14 private companies, 2 consulting firms, 2 venture capital firms, 17 universities, 5 research associations and 1 foundation. Since its inception, the Alliance has developed an online presence, published the white paper: An Introduction to DNA Data Storage, hosted the first DNA Data Storage Ride at the SNIA Storage Developers Conference, and participated in a number of number of industry events.

“We are delighted to see the growing interest in the DNA data storage market, as evidenced by the number of companies that have joined the DNA Data Storage Alliance,” said Steffen Hellmold, senior vice president, Business Development, DNA Data Storage at Twist Bioscience. “The diversity of Alliance member companies representing all aspects of the DNA data storage ecosystem is fundamental to facilitating a robust and ideal growth trajectory.”

“The rapid growth in interest in storing DNA data is incredibly exciting,” said Craig Ciesla, PhD, head of advanced platforms and devices at Illumina. “By continuing to improve the speed and performance of sequencing technology as well as reduce costs, Illumina aims to help expand access to DNA as a data storage platform. We are excited to be part of joining the ever-expanding alliance to help shape the future of data storage.”

“It’s amazing the progress we’ve made in storing DNA data,” said Karin Strauss, senior research manager at Microsoft. “When Microsoft began research into DNA data storage in collaboration with the University of Washington in 2015, we knew the technology held promise and now we see even more advances emerging in the field of molecular storage. The growth of the DNA Data Storage Alliance to 50 members is another sign of exciting developments to come.”

“Whether it’s safeguarding historical records or enabling tomorrow’s next big ideas, data unites us in the digital economy, and it’s important that we continue to innovate and find new ways for people to store and protect them,” said Dan Steere, senior vice president. , Business Development at Western Digital. “DNA data storage is one such exciting opportunity and we look forward to working with new members of our alliance to grow the technology and the ecosystem.”

About the DNA Data Storage Alliance

The DNA Data Storage Alliance was formed in October 2020 by Illumina, Microsoft, Twist Bioscience, and Western Digital. Our mission is to create and promote a interoperable storage ecosystem based on engineered DNA as a data storage medium. Our initial goal is to educate the public and raise awareness of this emerging technology. In addition, as commercially viable DNA data storage methods and tools become better understood and more widely available, the Alliance will consider creating specifications and standards (e.g., coding, physical interfaces, retention, file systems) to promote the emergence of interoperable DNA data storage-based solutions that complement existing storage hierarchies. The Alliance does not certify or endorse specific products or applications. Follow the Alliance on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Alliance members to date include:

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