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CDRLabs.com – Vinpower Digital announces the return of Moser Baer optical disc media

Vinpower Digital (“Vinpower”), a recognized global manufacturer and distributor of digital duplication equipment, media and accessories, announces the launch of the exclusive new line of Moser Baer optical disc media. Initial offerings will focus on Safari and Zebra lines of recordable CDs and DVDs in select global markets in North and South America, parts of Asia and Europe.

Moser Baer was founded in 1983 with an emphasis on digital storage. It was in 1999 that Moser Baer set up a large-capacity factory to manufacture recordable compact discs (CD-Rs) and recordable digital versatile discs (recordable DVDs), with a natural progression to recordable Blu-ray ( BD-R) in 2007. At its peak, Moser Baer exported around 85 percent of its production with a presence in over 100 countries. Unfortunately, due to a number of mitigating factors, the company was no longer able to remain solvent and was liquidated due to its bankruptcy on September 20, 2018.

In 2020, Vinpower acquired and resumed full production of the most popular line of Moser Baer multimedia products, primarily optical disks and flash media, including USB and SSD storage products. In order to accommodate all digital storage users, Moser Baer’s digital storage product lines include both premium professional grade media as well as more price sensitive consumer grade items.

As a world leader in the duplication market, Vinpower continues to experience strong global demand for recordable optical discs. “Moser Baer is a globally recognized brand, which will be a great addition to Vinpower’s wide range of digital storage media and hardware,” said Vinpower Digital CEO Calvin Chang. “We believe that the global recognition of the Moser Baer brand will allow Vinpower to reach a broader customer base that may not be as familiar with our current brands.

Initial deployment will begin in North America, Western Europe, United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, Taiwan and China. To learn more about the Moser Baer product line, visit https://www.moserbaer.com or contact a Vinpower representative to learn more about support benefits and specifications.