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Adele pioneers the use of the “compact disc” format with the new album “25”

Adele made waves around the world on Friday with the release of her new album, 25. But, in an astonishing gesture, she chose not to stream her album on services like Spotify. Instead, she makes the highly anticipated album available on a bizarre new platform called “compact disc” or “CD.”

Incredibly thin and circular in shape, a CD is about the size of a 2D bagel. The shiny, tactile technology may appeal to young listeners who like their gadgets to be flashy and eye-catching.

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However, the platform also requires a separate “CD player” for listening. These devices are strangely bulky. The massive “portable” versions are equipped with a handle for carrying. The smaller, thinner versions of these players can’t even fit into the pockets of a mid-size pants or jacket.

In a statement provided exclusively to The Daily Dot *, Spotify urged Adele to reconsider her choice to reject streaming.

“We love and respect you, Adele. These records, they’re horribly annoying. And they don’t love you like we love you, ”the company said. “Please, Adele, come see us again. Or at the very least, write a bonus track on what we could have been.

Still hoping to reunite with Adele, the streaming service posted a dark placeholder for the album, with the promise that they are “working” to mend the relationship.


Yet Adele and her label, Columbia Records, seem confident that consumers will embrace this strange new technology. Columbia ships 3.6 million units of these “compact discs” to the United States

Retailers like Target and Best Buy are hoping the weird items appeal to shoppers as a fun and unusual holiday gift that could double as a tree ornament as well. “It’s really shiny,” a Target rep told The Daily Dot. ** “People love shiny stuff, don’t they? “

*Not really.

** Not really either.

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* First published: November 20, 2015 at 2:06 p.m. CST

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