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887 CDs and DVDs make up boris dennler’s ‘compact disc chair’

Boris Dennler recycles 887 CDs and DVDs for a new piece of furniture

Swiss designer Boris Dennler has created a recycled chair consisting of 887 distorted CDs and DVDs titled “Compact Disc Chair”. Through experimentation, the iridescent discs are deformed by heat and attached by screws and assembly glue to a rounded wooden skeleton cut by a digital milling cutter – giving new value and purpose to these soon to be obsolete products. .

Since 2004, Dennler’s work has primarily focused on recycling, and for this project he has reinvented the use of compact discs as their production cycle has been dying for 17 years.“Physical hardware is gradually being replaced by the cloud, streaming and USB sticks. With the advent of MP3, the 2000s sealed the gradual disappearance of the audio cassette, then of the compact disc. Nevertheless, the vinyl record managed to survive somehow, to currently experience a renaissance, pampered by a few aficionados,’ he writes.

The chair will be exhibited as part of Galila’s POC collection in Brussels this fall.

compact disc chair’ consisting of 887 CDs and DVDs

all images courtesy of Noah Cotter

experiment with different temperatures

The initial research behind the “Compact Disc Chair” is considering different methods for exploiting CDs and DVDs as plastic-based objects. In effect, product designer Boris Dennler focused on how easily plastic can be deformed; he began experimenting with different hot temperatures and different tools to produce and test multiple deformations. Following the original circular shape of the discs, the final fish scale appearance naturally emerged and the resulting layered iridescence evokes multicolored chain mail tied together in a pattern to form a mesh. When the sunlight hits, the piece of furniture radiates dozens of shimmering colors across the room – a sight to behold at the next Galila POC To display.

887 cds and dvds make up boris dennler's recycled 'compact disc chair'
“compact disc chair” radiating dozens of colors in space

887 cds and dvds make up boris dennler's recycled 'compact disc chair'
close up of deformed compact discs

887 cds and dvds make up boris dennler's recycled 'compact disc chair'
direct sun reflects abstract colors all around