Month: January 2020

Certification/Authorization Notice of Canadian Optical Disc Drive Litigation

VANCOUVER, January 29, 2020 /CNW/ – This notice relates to a price-fixing lawsuit involving a type of memory storage device called ODD. The trial is called Godfrey v Sony Corporation et al, Action No. S-106462. The Court certified this lawsuit…

Data storage could soon represent 8% of global energy consumption

There’s a real imprint on all those baby photos and Netflix frenzy. If we TreeHuggers truly practice what we preach, we may need to restore our site to its 2004 look, when the stories were short and the pictures small….

Extract from the archive: The arrival of the compact disc player

“It makes both the traditional LP record and the tape look positively old-fashioned,” we said, “and like so much today, it wouldn’t be possible without computer technology. “With normal recording, the movement of the stylus in the grooves is converted…