Month: April 2016

Microsoft buys 10 million DNA strands from Twist for data storage research

Microsoft ($MSFT) has ordered 10 million synthetic DNA strands from Twist Bioscience. The deal gives Microsoft the hardware to conduct research into digital DNA data storage, a method designed to allow long-term storage of information in a relatively small space….

Sony increases optical disk storage to 3.3TB

Optical discs like Blu-ray are falling out of favor, but Sony and Panasonic don’t seem to care. Companies have increased storage capacity on optical media to 3.3TB. It’s a big step forward in Sony’s optical storage, which is based on…

How long before CD Rot destroys all of Kanye West’s compact discs? Not very

Kanye West is done with CDs: coming out Pablo’s life only via a tidal flow and referring to its blank album wrap for 2013 Yeezus As an “open coffin for CDs,” West pledged allegiance to the digital future and called…